U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

William B. Alexander PFC US Army                  Charles L. Johnson PVT US Army
Hoyte L. Ashe PVT US Army                  Charles L. Little PVT US Army
Joe R. Banister PFC US Army                  James L. Loggins PVT US Army
Jahugh K. Barfield SSG US Army                  Gordon L. Massey PFC US Army
William D. Berry PVT US Army                  Paul D. McElroy SGT US Army
Charles M. Boatman PFC US Army                  Clarence E. Mitchell PVT US Army
Drewy M. Campbell PFC US Army                  Lamar H. Mitchell 2LT US Army
Buster B. Chapman PVT US Army                  Nathaniel Monstiller PVT US Army
John C. Clark SGT US Army                  David C. Mosley PVT US Army
William H. Clowdis PFC US Army                  John R. Murphy PFC US Army
William T. Croy PVT US Army                  Clyde F. Orr PVT US Army
James W. Dobbins 2LT US Army                  Frank Q. Peace PVT US Army
Earl N. Farrow TEC5 US Army                  J. T. Potts PVT US Army
Joe C. Favor 2LT US Army                  Ordia O. Richardson PFC US Army
Samul F. Fuller PVT US Army                  John F. Rickett PVT US Army
Roland A. Gayton PVT US Army                  Ben Ridley PFC US Army
Deckerd J. Gray Jr. TSG US Army                  Glenn L. Rush PFC US Army
Jesse J. Grigsby PVT US Army                  James L. Shamblin PVT US Army
Roy D. Hammond TSG US Army                  Thomas W. Stone PVT US Army
Harold B. Hood 2LT US Army                  William M. Thomas PFC US Army
John C. Hunter SSG US Army                  William M. Veatch PFC US Army
Archie L. Jennings CPL US Army                  Melvin E. Youngblood SSGT US Army

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marines

James P. Alley PFC US Marine Corp
Glenn L. Grimes Assistant Cook US Marine Corp
Robert Silas Guinn CPL US Marine Corp
Walter O. Hendrix PFC US Marine Corp
David Person Henley Jr. CPL US Marine Corp
William F. Locklear PFC US Marine Corp
Frank E. Penley PFC US Marine Corp
Harry B. Pierce 2LT US Marine Corp
James W. Rutherford PFC US Marine Corp
Paul J. White PVT US Marine Corp

U. S. Navy

James Isaac Blaylock Seaman 2C US Navy
James Vandever Cieland Ship's Cook 3C US Navy
Duke Edwards Fireman 1C US Navy
Reno Meens Gardner Shipfitter 2C US Navy
Albert Dewitt Mason Fireman 3C US Navy
James Russell Minor Pharmacist's Mate 2C US Navy
Stacy Romine Seaman 2C US Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in World War II. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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